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Customer Reviews & Stories


Phenomenal customer service and they definitely stand by their work. If you have any issues after your repair, they will absolutely make it right. Thank you Melissa Holde and crew!!!

- Facebook Review

Not what they used to be. Arts used to be excellent. Now they're mediocre at best. I bought a rebuilt starter a few years back that was not good. They also tried to fix a timing problem on my car and were unable to fix it.

- Google Review

My Honda Ridgeline transmission started acting up. I took it to a transmission shop where they told me that the transmission is fine, but something else is not working. Arts diagnosed it, replaced the control computer and transmission now works well again. Thanks Art's!

- Google Review

Melissa Holde is by far one of the best service writers I have met, she remembered my face and called me by name after only meeting me once, briefly. She is also extremely good at what she does, when she says it will be done, its done! I will go no where else because of her!

- Yelp Review

Art's knows service. I got my brakes repaired at Art's on my 1989 Ford Merkur and when I got back to work, one of the brakes locked up. I called Art's and they immediately dispatched a tow truck out to my location without any grief. I had my car back to me the next day with the brakes working great and their apologies. Can't recommend Art's high enough!

- Yelp Review

Our vehicle had an unusual electrical challenge that took two tries to fix. Patrick Marsh, the Service Writer, at Art's Automotive, handled the whole issue with kindness and professional expertise. We left there feeling cared for and blessed big time! He thoroughly explained what was happening so we knew they work with integrity. Their shop is very neat, clean, and orderly. We highly recommend Art's Automotive for your service and repair needs.

- Google Review

HIGH QUALITY SERVICE. My vehicle goes to Art's Automotive for regular maintenance. They are professional, courteous, and will correct what is going wrong with the vehicle. Prices are fair, and they get the job done fast!

- Yellowpages Review

Great work at a fair price. I was going to have my timing belt changed according to my owners manual (2013 Subaru). I received a call from Patrick Marsh letting me know that halfway into the production year Subaru changed the belt to a chain.. Patrick saved me a great deal of money.. I feel that some if not most shops would have taken my money and said "sucker". Arts Automotive is honest and trustworthy.. heck they are the Boy Scouts of auto repair.. You can trust them.. A+++++

- Google Review

Arts to the Rescue! On our way to Long Beach my tail light went out. Patrick Marsh said to pull into the garage and he would take a look. They were very busy mind you. The bulb was not a common inventory item so Patrick made a phone call and the bulb arrived in 30 minutes! I have never in all my years (66) seen such customer service before. I would highly recommend them. As a side note, Starbucks coffee and cookies in the waiting area and the cleanest restroom too. Thank you to the friendly tech and Patrick. You are beyond excellent :)

- Yelp Review

Nobody likes unexpected auto repairs. So enroute from Long Beach to Vancouver, WA my '06 Caravan overheated. It turned out the van needed replacement for both radiator and water pump. Art's pulled an excellent tech from another job, and he "pulled the rabbit out of the hat" and got me on my way without much more than a long wait and a severe wallet-ding! The Caravan is fine now, and brought me home with no overheating. Thanks SO much to Art's fine folks!

- Google Review

Took it in for a starter issue, they did some testing, weren't able to duplicate the problem, gave me some advice, and returned the vehicle to me free of charge. I was not upset they "didn't do anything" because that shows they're not trying to gouge me. Shadier operations would replace my starter, battery, and alternator and charge you a fortune. Art's, to me, is a place to go if you want dealership level service and knowledge from experts who will not rob you blind. I really appreciate their excellent customer service and will return if I have another issue or when it's time to replace that battery. Thank you again!

- Google Review

Art's Auto is a very customer service oriented business. While I have only taken a car there once, they seemed to do very conscientious work, and at a fair price. They happily gave me a ride to work in the morning, 1/2 hour before they even opened. I can highly recommend them in Longview.

- K.H

My turn signals stop working with no brake lights. I called Art's, and they were booked solid. I let them know that I really needed my vehicle. Patrick asked me to bring my truck in, and they could take a quick look. Art's fixed my lights as under the warranty. The following day, I was able to drive home my truck with no charges applied. They are very professional, and do not beat around the bush when it comes to what it will cost to fix something. They know my vehicle, and are able to look up it's history. Thank you for the great atmosphere and excellent work.

- Google Review

Places like Art's Automotive are one of the main reasons I love yelp. When a business treats me right, I want to share it!  Even if most likely nobody I know will ever go there. Thank you, Yelp, for making this possible.  

So, the whole family was on I-5, heading off to the boonies for a much-anticipated campout, when Pirate Daddy heard it.  The noise.  The one he'd been trying to catch again for weeks. And this time it just kept going. Pirate Daddy's best guess?  An alternator bearing.  So he calls around, trying to find a spare alternator.
I-5 near Longview is not a good place for alternators.  
But a nice person directs him to Art's Automotive.  
Now, "Art" (not his real name) tells him that he doesn't have time to replace our alternator that evening, but to bring the truck in for the free alternator check and he'll take a look.
So we do. And he and a colleague do. Right away.
Fifteen minutes after pulling in to Art's, we're back on the road, heading off to the boonies, happy in the knowledge that our car has been given some focused professional attention and our alternator was not likely to go kaput when we're forty miles from anywhere.  
And it didn't.
Vacation saved!
Three cheers for Art's!

- Andrea H. from Vancouver, WA